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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

— Warren Buffett.

Hi, we’re Shirine and Amira

If you’re ever looking for an excuse or right time to “escape” the confines of your mind and that soul sucking 9-5 job, we have a proposal for you. Escape Proposal is our dynamic and life-altering support system where we help you eliminate your attachment to your job, job title or skill and finally make your dreams and passions come alive by turning them into your very own real and profitable business!

We here to help, navigate, and coach you through everything you need to know about starting a profitable business on Amazon, which is the world’s most profitable marketplace.

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Where and How to Start Making Money on Amazon

How and Where to Start Making Money on Amazon


  • Start your Own Business, Build your Own Brand & Scale to the Life of your dreams Selling Physical Products on Amazon.Com
  • 7 Content Packed Modules with over 100 Short Videos and Actionable follow along lessons
  • Profit Blackboard Members have built Multiple Six Figure Businesses using our training
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Don’t wait for the “Perfect Time” to start your own Business.

Profit Blackboard will give you all the tools and resources to help you do it right.

So make it happen today.

Why Amazon ?

Facts: In order to sell something, you want as many eyes on that something as humanly possible, right? The simple truth of the matter is that it’s not possible to achieve that goal any better than putting what you have to offer in front of the eyes of Amazon shoppers. Not even close! You will not find one isolated place with more foot or internet traffic in the Universe, so you might as well JOIN THE PARTY!

So that’s why we’re here. We’re literally here to hold your hand and guide you through all aspects, A-Z, of selling your own physical products on Amazon. We do it and we have been doing it very well for 8 years. And guess what? We started from scratch with no knowledge, experience or even a ton of money and YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THE SAME.

Why should you listen to us?

Because we’re just like you. We’re no better than you and we scaled our Amazon business to the point where we could both comfortably leave our full-time jobs.

We’re normal people with ordinary lives. We have kids, HAD fulltime jobs and limited time.

We’re assuming you’re here because you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and you have an interest in improving your circumstances, but have limited time and don’t know what you don’t know to make this all work, right?

As an entrepreneur, one of the most valuable things you have is time and we would be grateful if you could spend some of that with us!


A little more about Shirine and Amira and what Escape Proposal is all about.

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