We help you start, build and scale your own profitable Amazon business.

Meet Shirine and Amira Hegazi at Escape Proposal,
check out their brand’s philosophy, and learn a little
more about what they do.

“Believe in Your Infinite Potential.
Your only limitations are those you set upon Yourself.”

— Roy T. Bennett

Let’s Go-

Hi we’re Shirine and Amira. We’re just an ordinary family- Husband, Wife, Father, Mother…yes that’s us. We’re also hungry, ultra-motivated and inspired entrepreneurs. We know you are too. So let’s go-

We want to teach you how to be your own boss and have the freedom to start a business selling your own brand of products on the world’s most lucrative marketplace, Amazon.

No more commuting? Yes, it’s possible. No more cubicles? Yes, it’s possible. No more boardrooms and long pointless conference calls and meetings?
Yes, it’s possible.

Own my own Company and be my own boss?
Yes, it’s VERY doable and entirely possible.

The only mindset you need to embrace is simply believing in yourself.

A Simple Mindset Shift…

WILL give you the green light to grow and embrace the most massive opportunity of your lifetime and build a wildly profitable business on Amazon.

RIGHT NOW, THIS YEAR, You will consciously work to start your business and grow to a limitless potential. ALLOW yourself to say YES to what YOU want.

Say NO to the job, career and life you don’t want.

Trust when we say that the comfortable life is killing you!

No waiting. Not next week. Not Next Year. Make it happen Today!

No procrastinating. No excuses!

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Hey There! I’m Amira.

For years I always procrastinated and put things off until “ I was ready,” and always felt that I needed a little more education, time, or more guidance before I could do things that would help me live the life I wanted so badly. I realized that every time I thought “If I just had more of this or waited until this happened” I was DIRECTLY contributing to limiting my career growth and not allowing myself to achieve my highest potential.

Hi, I’m Shirine.

Thanks for checking out Escape Proposal! I’m really happy you’re here. People often ask me, “Shirine, what’s your secret?”

I have two profitable businesses, a loving marriage and a pleasurable, meaningful life. Well, here’s the thing about secrets: they’re basic truths hiding in plain sight. So, what is my secret?

Say NO to the Comfortable Life and be Your Own Boss