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“There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do and achieving massive success simply because they decided to believe in themselves.”

— Amira Hegazi

Waking Up

When I first read this quote, it hit me SO hard. For years I have procrastinated, put things off until “ I was ready,” and always felt that I needed a little more education, time, or more guidance before I could do things that would help me live the life I wanted so badly.

I realized that every time I thought “If I just had more of this or waited until this happened” I was DIRECTLY contributing to limiting my career growth and not allowing myself to achieve my highest potential. It was ME — I was holding myself back.

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Ups and Downs

I, like most of you, went through ups and downs and MANY crossroads before deciding to start my own business, and in the end, I’m glad I did.

I always planned on owning a business one day and always wanted full control of my schedule with the freedom to go and come as I please- but I always found myself settling for a corporate job. It just felt natural. After the birth of my first child, I found every excuse to find another corporate job and ended up settling for a dead-end position. I convinced myself that the consistent paycheck and benefits were in some way associated with freedom.

So yes, like many of you, I was trapped in this viscous cycle of corporate jobs. I was an overworked 9-5 airline employee that strictly served the purpose of making my bosses look good and accomplished by writing their emails and presentations while they sat back and took full credit for my ideas.

6 years ago, I was pregnant with my second child and going through a rough high-risk pregnancy with complications while working full time. I was using sick days almost every week and ultimately got myself into an email war with HR over maternity leave, time off and all that. It was an absolute nightmare.

I used to come home exhausted, my legs swollen, back throbbing…it was the WORST. I frequently sat in my garage after coming home from work and had a nice healthy cry in the car before coming into the house. I was emotionally drained and mentally defeated. So one day I decided to change this narrative and regain control of my life.


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A Little About Me

Shamefully obsessed with The Housewives and Bravo

Determined to deadlift double my bodyweight

Have dreams of having my own cooking show one day

Die Hard Professional Tennis Fan. VAMOS RAFA!!!!

It’s All About Family

As I was figuring out how to regain control of my schedule, I was still struggling with corporate life.

One night, my daughter sat next to me and asked if I was ok. I told her I was fine, she said she didn’t believe me because I always look sad and never want to play with her anymore. Her low sweet voice and concerned tone hit me hard.

I thought I was sucking it up and working hard for my kids but realized I wasn’t setting a good example for them by being irritable, sad and resentful. I recognized it was my self-doubt, fear of taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone that was preventing me from changing lanes- it wasn’t my kids, IT WAS ME. So I thought: Why should I settle for a job I can’t stand and resign from pursuing who I am because I have children? It was just an excuse.

I was determined to spend more time with my children and desperately wanted them to get to know a lighter side of me. I didn’t want them to know me as the miserable, stressed out and emotionally unavailable parent.

The Working Mom

I wanted to be fun, relaxed and happy around them. My children ALWAYS fed off my energy and often sensed when there was instability.

I’ve always known that the way out of my 9-5 misery was owning my own business, controlling my own hours and ultimately my day. But still, I couldn’t quite settle on the right business model for my family and I. I didn’t believe in myself enough and was overwhelmed by the idea of owning my business and leaving the comfort and predictability of my corporate job. I was told my whole adult life that I need to work on building this linear progress towards a specific position on my resume and linkedin profile. I finally got to that point and wasn’t sure if I had it in me to be a late lane changer and take the risk.

Then, Amazon came along and changed the game. I was working on a project at work and suddenly came across the idea of selling physical products on amazon. I kept researching it for months and learned everything I could about the platform. Then I decided to source a product and list it on Amazon. I used my corporate analytical skills to find our first product and we sold our entire inventory in 10 days! I kept my job and worked late nights after putting my kids to sleep until I was able to replace my paycheck.

The day I resigned from my job was one of the happiest days of my life because it was the day I decided to believe in me and set myself free.

“Dreams Do Come True, But They Rarely Come To You. You Must Go After Them”

— Amira Hegazi